Monday, November 26, 2012

Dress Up

My family has a Gordon Setter named Bo.  He's just over a year and six months old now.

Yesterday I decided to try putting a t-shirt on him.  Living in the country and having worked on the farm I decided to use on of my brother's International Havester shirts.  Surprisingly, Bo didn't seem to mind other than it was a big big on him so his back feet would get caught up in the back of the shirt that would hang to the ground.

But enough of my talking I'm sure you want to see pictures!

Maybe you don't need 2XL Bo ;)
Cute stuff!
Do you have pets?

Have you ever dressed your pets up in clothes?  Were they tolerant of it?


  1. I love this haha. I have two cats, and have tried to dress them up in clothes (just for a laugh, not for real) and boy did I get that laugh!! They hated me for sure.

    1. It makes me smile just thinking about the things they probably did while you were trying to dress them up in clothes.

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've just checked yours out, glad you found me :D

    How cute are these pictures! I have two little parrots as pets, so no dressing up for them. It'd be adorable though, haha :)

    1. I am picturing your parrots with little hats on them right now...too bad I have no idea how you would get them on a bird's head!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out, I appreciate it!